Pete Wilson

Email Address
Phone Number 512 -577 -1618
Pete has now (quite unexpectedly) retired from being retired and, after a period of time writing embedded software for Spansion is now back at Freescale in the Intellectual property Department (the IP department will come and reason with you if they find evidence you've been infringing any of Freescale's valuable patent portfolio). He went from Inmos to Prisma (Gallium Arsenide embedded supercomputers..), which lasted two years before the money disappeared. He went on to Groupe Bull in Boston, where he had to wear a suit. From thence, went to Texas to look after Bull's interest in PowerPC. And then, in January 1997, bailed out of Bull and joined Motorola, keeping same office, phone number etc. Did a number of things for PowerPC (concentrating on embedded). Motorola became Freescale, and Pete continued in his role up until December 2 2005, when he was informed that although Freescale loved him dearly, his position had been eliminated. So he entered a new era as some as-yet-to-be-determined combination of consultant, author and lazy retiree, now tragically cut short by the urge for more moolah. Don't hesitate to call or email! updated Oct 08.

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