Welcome to the Inmos Web Site

For many of us, having worked at Inmos has a special place in our hearts.  We have fond memories of those days because of the terrific people we knew. Staying in touch is difficult since many people have scattered to many different places.  The purpose of this site is to list ex-Inmos employees to make it easier to keep track of each other. There are many ex-Inmos employees who are still with STMicroelectronics in both the US and the UK.

To be added to the list or to make changes to your existing information please use the  Sign Up form. The information you submit will be placed on the Employee Page . When you sign up, a email will be sent to you each time a new person is added to the web site. If you do not wish to be notified each time a new person is added, just send a Note and you will be removed from the email notification list.  See a brief history of how it all started, The Inmos Legacy and recent news. Iann Barron passes leaving a legacy.

Visit the Photo Gallery. You can Email your Inmos memorabilia pictures to have them added to the site. Remember your Badge Number? Send a Note to have yours added.

Also check out the Inmos Facebook and Linkedin sites.

The Transputer lives on with the support of many ex-Inmosers. There is even one non-ex-Inmoser who has dedicated a site with lots of information and free downloads. Visit Ram Meenakshisundaram site for all things on the Transputer. Gavin Crate has been working over the past 4 years on an enhanced combined T414/T425 Transputer emulator and host server for Windows. Check out his site at http://sites.google.com/site/transputeremulator/

Were you employed by Inmos in the UK? If so, are you clear whether or not you have a pension entitlement? If you are not sure, you can contact STMPensions@isio.com or one of the directors e.g. Jon Frosdick (jonathan.frosdick@gmail.com) or Jonathan Edwards (siliconjon48@gmail.com) who will pass the details on. Please pass this message on to other former Inmos UK employees you may know.

The STMicroelectronics/inMOS Pensioner Action Group  (STiPAG) has been set up in the UK with the aim of “Seeking to protect and enhance the interests of the members and pensioners of the STMicroelectronics (Bristol & Newport) Retirement Benefit Scheme.” If you were employed by inMOS in the UK (and/or subsequently by SGS-Thomson or STMicroelectronics) then it is possible that you are a member of this pension scheme. If so and you would like to join STiPAG then please forward your details by email to them at STMPensions@isio.com.

Inmos is no longer in business. This is a place for ex-employees to keep in touch.
For information on Inmos products, visit STMicroelectronics.