Calumn Mackay

Email Address
Phone Number +33 4 38923051
Calumn left the Inmos Duffryn plant for ST Carrollton (old Mostek plant) in 1992 supporting the 'last time buy' of Inmos srams, dabbling with zeropower products, and finishing off his part time MBA at the University of Dallas. In 1995 he moved to the ST Crolles facility where he built up an R&D prod eng team from scratch to about 24 engineers, covering test and library/process Qualifications. In 2007 he moved into a program management role between 'technology' and 'design'. He's well integrated into the French lifestyle with 3 bilingual kids, 1 non lingual dog, a daft cat, and 2 scrawny mice. Music is still his passion with several active(ish) groups in styles ranging from blues, to celtic. updated Jul 08.

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