David (Chaz) Bowers

Email Address chaz@catch-the-star.com
Phone Number 631-379-6969
Website http://www.catch-the-star.com
What amazing opportunities we are given every day! After 30+ years in the electronics industry, traveling around the world and working 12 hours per day, culminating as President of Nu Horizons Electronics' Distribution business, David has reverted back to his first name (Chaz) and taken up an entirely new game. Along with a friend he has started up Catch the Star LLC, an entertainment business, with the dream of working with gifted singers and performers and helping them to achieve their dreams and bring a little more light to our day to day world. He is living in Brooklyn, NY and still working 12 hours per day plus but keeping the dream alive and hoping to help turn out some new stars. updated Jun 09.

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