Anthony (Tony) Hladek

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Phone Number 719=271-2284
After layoff of Imos, I went to work for UTMC. I went to second shift to have Engineering support on both shifs (loved it, no politics). I was also responsible for all training and certification of all assembly and evironmntal operations. I was interested in street rods and motorcycles for all my life. I started a shop that completed all operations for designing and building of street rods, show cars, restorations and motorcycles. I had my two sons and my son-in-law work part time for me. I completed both jobs for several years. This was done intially to give support to myself and my two sons due to lay-offs in the electronic industry. After 11 years at UTMC, I accepted voluntary lay-off and then retirement. Work at my shop full time. I got involved in the show car industry. I was responsible for five years for the largest indoor car/bike show in southern Colorado. I put on 15 shows at my shop and my church. I built a 1928 Model AA flat bed truck that was in 22 shows and won 18 of them. It carried two 3' x 5' American Flags after September 11 for it entire life. It was in 4 national magazines. I built a chop top Chevy for customer that won several national shows. I designed, built and painted for a customer a 1957 Chevy that won many shows. I was also into building and riding motorcycles. I was divorced afte 42 years (bad news and not my idea). My one daughter has a PHD in business, my oldest son has a PHD in Computers and my youngest son is attending college for his bachlor degree. All are married. I had 6 granchilden. One was killed in a car accident when she was 20 (bad, bad). My one grand daughter has degree in business and is married, one grand daughter has degree and works for the Colorado Springs Police Department, two on my grandsons are in college and my youngest grandson is graduating for high school this year. Very very proud of my kids and grand kids. I got into custom car painting. I was shown by a lady friend that this was art not mechanics. I have retired from my shop for 8 years. I have build several cars and motorcycles for me. I have ridden with The Sons Of Silence (Colorado Springs and Denver), Sons of Satan, The Brothers and several others. I got my first tattoo at 62 and I have gotten one every two years since. I was always inside a crazy man, but kept in under raps. In my older years I have let it come to the surface more. Yes still a crazy man. I had both knees relaced at the same time (fun). Had two heart attachs, 4 heart surgeries, phenamena twice, kindey falure, high blood pressure, high colsteral and diabetis in one year. I BEAT ALL OF THEM. I have gotten arthritis in hands and feet casuing riding of motorcycles impossible. I am building a VW trike that has all foot controlo so that I can still ride. Well thats Me. updated Oct 15.

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