David (Boris) Cownie

Email Address john.cownie@gmail.com
Phone Number +1 978 760 1864
Website https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-cownie-6694551?trk=hp-identity-name
Boris left Inmos in 1986 for Meiko. He ran around the UK and then world (Japan and US) working large machine deals. He moved to Boston USA in 1989 to help set up the USA office. In early 90's he wised up got married and worked for 2 software startups - Firewalls and and machine learning company whose product was smart enough to predict the company would go belly up. The finally washed up at AMD after the dot com burst. He lives on Concord MA just up the street from Tim Berners-Lee. At AMD people ask him questions which is he occasionally able to able to answer. He has 2 daughters 14 and 17 - Elizabeth just passed her driving test. Updated April 2016.

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