Douglas Blacke

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Hello! I worked at the Colorado Springs facilities from spring 1980 until late 1983. Most of that period was spent in R&D developing processes for the 64k DRAM, working for Dennis Ryden. I later led the team that transferred that design and process to the fab in Newport, Wales. I was fortunate enough to meet Price Charles when he dedicated that plant in February 1983, the day we tested our first 64k wafer lot and had some yield to brag about! I left Inmos in late \'83 and ended up at Western Digital in Southern California where we produced interface chips for IDE hard drives. We eventually bought one of our customers and entered the drive business. Soon thereafter we became fabless and I managed our supply base for quite a few years. I retired from WD in 2005 and still live in the San Diego area. I\'ve lost touch with most of my old Inmos mates, and would enjoy hearing from anyone who recalls me. Updated August 2016.

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