Robert Manning

Email Address
Phone Number 7192324114
Website 4060 Foxchase Way
Update 2016-2017. Anita and I moved to Houston while I awaited a double lung transplant. We arrived August 27th and I was placed on the list. Good news is that my lungs were bad enough (and my life expectancy was short) that 8 days later I got a phone call and received a double lung transplant. It has been a REAL struggle but we are headed home as of today (September 4th, 2017). We were supposed to leave August 25th, 2017 but Hurrican Harvey had other thoughts. We were so blessed we were very guilty that we lived through it with a single scratch. We can't wait to get back to Colorado to our two boys and their families (to include our 7 and 4 year old grandsons). Updated Sep 2017

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