Teri Lasley

Email Address teri.l.lasley@intel.com
Phone Number 480-552-2844
Teri arrived at Inmos in snowy Colorado Springs in January 1989, from SGS-Thomson (now STM) in sunny Phoenix. Despite rumors to the contrary, Teri was NOT sent to Inmos as a 'spy', but was in fact escaping from a very obnoxious boss who was, a short time later, kicked out of STM. After the STM acquisition of Inmos, Teri accepted STM's 'gracious' offer to move back to Phoenix in July 1990. She then promptly found a new job with Intel in Phoenix in August 1990. She has been with Intel ever since, including a 1.5 year expat assignment in Sydney Australia, where she evangelized high speed data technology to the Asia Pacific market. Teri ran into Richard Riker at a customer meeting and subsequently ran into Chris Boyce at a European Cable Show; both directed her to the Inmos web site. It is truly a SMALL world!

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