Laurie Pegrum

Email Address
Phone Number 978-568-7143
Laurie was the last of the 1980s youths sent to the US to spread Transputer expertise around the globe. He enjoyed a wonderful 18 months learning to ski and getting sun burst in Colorado springs, CO. After spending several lifetimes training customers on Occam & Transputers, Inmos closed the Colorado FAB so Laurie accepted the offer of Applications Manager out of the Boston Area Sales office, actually in the small town of Burlington MA just North of Boston. He supported the ill-fated T9000 in an attempt to put friendly customers out of business, surviving the ThornEMI and then SGS-Thomson buy-out [Now ST] while being relocated into the palatial Lincoln North building. On a Spring morning in 1993, after much soul searching, Laurie was finally Headhunted by Digital Equipment Corp and after 2.5ms of thought he accepted the position of FAE for New England out of Hudson MA. The new group there was named Digital Semiconductor and had a start-up look and feel like the original Inmos although a little more stodgy. Richard Riker, ex Inmos CO, joined Digital Semiconductor the same week as Sales Manager and soon promoted Laurie to Worldwide FAE Manager. Laurie then proceeded to hire 12 FAEs around the world and take up the support of PCI chips, Ethernet controllers and the odd Alpha Microprocessor and Motherboard. A new Microprocessor was developed called StrongARM that Laurie focused his attention on. Then in 1998 Intel purchased that bit of DEC that did chips, and purchased Laurie along with it. With subsequent Intel investments in StrongARM, Laurie is now the Platform Architect for StrongARM products focusing on Handheld Market opportunities. Hence he is still in a similar line of work to where he used to be 15 years ago.

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