Rupert Pigott

Email Address
Phone Number 44-7941-807091
Rupert after several jobs, all of them boring as hell compared to Inmos, he is now a contractor working for Banks in the City for unjustifiable amounts of money. He's still highly strung, and still writes bad poetry when he's depressed. Recently he started mucking about with Sculpture although that's not much better than his poetry. His music tastes have failed to improve, his worst excesses include "Mr. Bungle" (He is keen to point out that Bungle are the best damn band you'll ever see live), "Hawkwind" and "Spiritualized". Perhaps unfortunately he doesn't drink nearly as much as he used to in the Inmos days, although he's would claim that's because he doesn't want to wreck his lovely Ozwald Boateng suits. As ever he loves hippy things like walks in forests, wild flowers and the northern end of the Californian coast. If you want him to be very happy you buy him a bottle of Californian Syrah

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