Richard (Chez) Watts

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Phone Number 44-117-9302409
Richard joined Inmos from Fairchild Bristol in 1979 and worked on the first prototype Transputers 'Simple 5' & 'S42' heading up a group which included Brian Parsons, John Jakson & Guy Harriman. After leaving Inmos in 1982 Richard Watts did these things: 1982 Wrote a circuit simulator for the Apple][ marketed in Hong Kong 1983 Contracted at Fairchild, Reading UK designing HCMOS standard parts & training recent grads 1983-85 Staff engineer at Fairchild South Portland Maine USA. Introduced the FACT family designing all the decoders/muxs/demuxs for that family. Richard Albon from Inmos was there too. 1985-91 Senior designer at contract design house Quadic Systems, S. Portland Maine. Worked on the following projects (for designated companies): Apple/AMD: SCSI controllers AMD: DRAM controllers, video controllers, CLUTs Motorola: FACT and HCMOS standard parts TI: ASIC SRAMS and Analog Automotive Performance: Logic family, bus drivers and registers, Parity checker generators Natsemi/Univac Frigate defense systems computer, RAMS ROMS & PLA cells 1991 FELCAD Bristol (contract design house) 2.4GHz Satellite CDE for Alcatel 1993 Contracted at INMOS, Bristol PPL macro cells 1994 Contracted at Quadic USA Custom 1, 2, 3 & 4 port memory macro cell designs for Siemens ATM chip (via TI ASIC division). John Jakson from Inmos and his twin brother were at Quadic too. 1996-present Started Microcosm with Gary Steele & Richard Mayo designing lost cost physical layer chips for fiber optic communications. They worked from home until 1998. In Jan 2000 the company, which now employs around 70 people was bought by Conexant (formerly Rockwell) for over $100M in Conexant stock (now worth rather little). Richards title is now 'research fellow'. Microcosm has many ex-Inmos and ex-ST personnel. Microcosm is still actively hiring engineers with high speed analog design/test/characterization experience.

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