Fred Homewood

Email Address
Phone Number 44-1454-462344.
Fred left Inmos in April 1988 to join Meiko, after a brief call at Kendall Square Research. There getting involved in the designed of another FPU (this time a SPARC compatible for SUN). The got involved in designing a parallel interconnect for Meiko CS2 parallel super-computer. Financial concerns caused by a growing family and a wish for change caused him to return to Inmos building at 1000 Aztec West in November 1994, under the wing of STMicroelectronics. First on the Chameleon project in the UK and France before moving to the LISARD project (a VLIW architecture joint venture with HP Labs and the then HP ICBD) in California in May 1996. With HP ICBD's withdrawal from the project STM and HP Labs retrenched to form a new VLIW project based in Cambridge, Massachusetts in Feb 1998, this was christened "The Lx". In August 1999, Fred decided to return to Bristol to be nearer his three children, and now manages an architecture team working on the Lx architecture, still at STMicroelectronics, co-operating with groups in mainland Europe and the USA. He is a bachelor and failed vegetarian.

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