Anwar Khan

Email Address
Phone Number 408-383-4900
Anwar's first exposure to the name "INMOS" was when his stockbroker called to tell him he had lost a lot of money on Mostek stock because it took a dive. The cause? A new company formed by the head honcho of design at Inmos. So, moving to make lemonade out of a lemon, he immediately applied for a job at INMOS.... and after a long wait... ended up Springs. After nearly 3 years of "startup mode" with a wonderful group of people, he felt the tug of the Bay Area... missed the beaches of Monterrey & Carmel... and joined Cypress Semiconductor... which was a real boot camp for transformation from techie to the "real world" of business. After almost 9 years at Cypress he decided to strike out on his own as a consultant.. and ended up being lured back into a regular job by his third consultant, Alliance Semiconductor, where these days he wears the hat of VP of "Quality, Reliability, and anything else that no one knows what to do with

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