David Auld

Email Address daveauld@oaktech.com
Phone Number 408-523-4212
David joined Inmos in 1984 in time to work on T212,T414,T424 and T800. Invented the "Auld" button on Fat Freddy, which to this day remains a mystery. Left for US in 1986 as FAE. Worked in Boston and Atlanta offices until 1999. Moved to ST in Dallas after the acquisition. Left for LSI Logic after discovering that office furniture could be any color you like as long as its black. Worked at LSI Logic for 7 years building up Set-top Box business. Left in 1997 to start TeraLogic, building HDTV chipsets. Acquired by Oak Technology in 2002. Now Chief Technology Officer of Oak. Simon Dolan and Neil Mitchell are also at Oak. Happily married with two children. updated Apr 03.

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