Robert Simpson

Email Address
Phone Number 07500 967 139
Robert joined Inmos in 1986 and worked on the T9000 (DSlinks, Virtual channel processor), C104, ST20 (ISA, micro code). After a brief spell working on ATM he moved to the graphics group where he set up the graphics architecture group. After 15 years working for Inmos and ST he finally took the plunge and went to work for Bitboys, a small graphics company based in Finland. Still very much a geek at heart he is involved with graphics architectures, algorithms and compilers and is active in the Khronos standards group. He's been there for nearly 5 years now, still struggling with the impossible language but enjoying snowboarding, rollerblading, ice hockey and the Finnish love of all things alcoholic. He's still fanatical about flying, spending the summers gliding in the French Alps. updated Nov 05. Update: Still working for Qualcomm but now back in Bristol following the closure of the office in Finland. Spending a lot of time in San Diego. Working on OpenGL and HSA. updated Mar 14.

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