Steven Ericsson-Zenith

Email Address
Phone Number 650-646-2544
Steven worked at INMOS Bristol for 5 years. In late 1989 he left to pursue research at Yale University. He subsequently defended a doctorate at University Pierre et Marie Curie, PARIS UNIVERSITY (VI) - traditionally the science department of the Sorbonne. The introduction of Steven's doctoral thesis includes a discussion of his work at INMOS on the Transputer and Occam. His can be found at Steven, an architect in David May's computer architecture group at INMOS Aztec West, Bristol England, wrote the Occam 2 reference manual published by Prentice Hall in 1988. He also had editorial responsibility for the transputer data sheets. Since 1994 Steven has been an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. At Oracle Corporation he led the development of application architecture for their Network Computer. His company The Kiss Principle, Inc. (1998-2003) was funded by Microsoft to create advanced conversational interfaces and he holds several USA patents related to this work with them. In 2005 Steven launched a new research initiative with an INMOS colleague on the board of directors (Bob Krysiak). The nonprofit institute, based in Los Gatos, California, is focused on the foundations of logic and apprehension, the explanation of experience in nature. See: Steven remarried in November 2010: updated Aug 11.

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