Owen Ransen

Email Address throwaway@ransen.com
Phone Number
Website http://www.ransen.com
Owen came back from a 2 year scholarship in Japan to join INMOS in 1982. In the next two years he designed the first evaluation boards for the 16 and 32 bit transputers, as well as parallel ray tracing software in integer occam. In 1984 back to Japan with INMOS as technical support, and then he left to form Concurrent Images KK, a 3D computer animation company serving Japanese advertising agencies. This lasted 2 years and was not a finacnial success, so he returned to Europe (Italy) with his Italian girlfriend, later to be wife. Still doing and loving graphics software his Repligator program won best graphics program of the year award at SIAF 1999. Owen currently works as a graphics and CAD consultant in Italy. updated Mar 06.

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