Gareth Davies

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Phone Number +44 1488 648276
I left Inmos in May 1990 after 7 years to join BICC-Vero in Southampton as their CAD manager. Things turned sour there after a couple of years so I had to look for a job and ended up at BNR ( now Nortel) in Harlow doing SDH/Sonet/ATM HW development. I stayed there for a couple of years until I recieved a call from Steve Barraclough who was now at AT&T doing ASIC design. I joined AT&T ASIC design in Bracknell in April 1995. I stayed with the same company (AT&T/Lucent Tech/Agere Systems) through various name changes until Jan 2006 when Agere decided it didn't want an ASIC capability in the UK. Needing to find a new home I along with the rest of the ASIC team joined Micron Europe, Bracknell in March 2006. Currently I am a Design Project Manager, and I am trying to get up to speed with CMOS sensors and camera technology. I was married in 1995, we have 2 children and live in the Lambourn Valley, Berkshire. In my spare time I try to keep my Marcos mantula on the road and I am also learning to fly. updated Apr 06.

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