Steve Gresh

Email Address
Phone Number 719-599-5706
I was a computer programmer/systems analyst at Inmos in Colorado Springs from 1980 to 1983. I was hired by Rod Erin and Bob Welch. My co-workers included Pat Mills from the U.K., Lee Jones, Wendy Smalls, Bob Licko, Lisl Kolbe, and several others (whose names I don't recall). I was responsible for the manufacturing and engineering data collection systems. After leaving Inmos, I worked for Perkin Elmer's Data Systems Group and Ford Microlectronics. I've lived at the same address in Colorado Springs from 1978 to the present. I've evolved from a COBOL progammer into a Microsoft Visual Studio & SQL server database applications programmer. I was the originator of the acronym, CHIPS, for the Committee to Help Inmos Personnel Socialize. I once received a "Hosehead" award for broadcasting "Jingle Bells" on all of the CRTs in the plant. I also lost my system privileges as a result. I was within three feet of Princess Diana when I peered at her through a window during her visit to Colorado Springs. I've always wondered what Dick Petriz did with all that money he took from the British taxpayers to start Inmos. updated May 06.

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