Chris W. Followell

Email Address
Phone Number 44-1275-810-678
Chris after leaving Inmos for AM&T moved to Sierra Semiconductor to sell modems to the Scandinavians. Then joined Hyundai Digital Media to sell MPEG-2 decoders in Europe. After Hyundai became Odeum and folded (eventually to be part of Oak)moved on to Zoran where he is European Director of Sales, which is great, MPEG and JPEG and all things digital. In a bizarre twist of fate, he has ended up back at 1000 Aztec West working for ST. Now responsible for marketing the new graphics chips from ST. It is fun re interfacing with the non escapees from Inmos. Life is good. His 18year old daughter is now in London studying medicine, and his 16 year old son is studying for his GCSE's. They moved house 3 years ago, to the other end of the village. He has never been in the same place for so long! But at least it gives the children stable schooling. With ST, who knows where they will move too next.

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