Paul Schofield

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Phone Number +33 6 75 71 42 77
Website Skpe: PJS_Paris
Paul presently works in Business Development for Altis Semiconductor - a Infineon/IBM JV in Essone, 34Km south of Paris, France. Altis manufactures 0.13 micron and below CMOS for RF, Chipcard, Auto etc. He last worked for INMOS in Japan at the NMBS site in Tatayama on the Inmos 256K field-shield DRAM. Prior to that (in reverse chronology) he worked in Product Engineering (PE) in Colorado Springs; on the latch-up problems of the initial transputer parts in Bristol, in PE during the start up of Newport and in Colorado Springs on SRAMs as a raw recruit. Between then and now (with time running forward now) he headed the Siemens 1 Mb DRAM PE team in Regensburg (Germany), a smaller development team at Phillipsís central research labs in Eindhoven (Holland), followed by 7 years with Mosaid Technologies - a memory design house based in Canada as Director of Operations. This was a grand title for one man stranded at customer sites (primarily in Japan) performing design verification and initial ramp. Mosaid finally got their parts into production, enjoyed significant royalties and developed IP that was verified by their customers. He returned to Siemens in 1997 first in DRAM technology transfer in Dresden (Germany) before being switched into business development within the corporate Alliances/ JVís department. Amongst others he worked on JVís with; ProMOS, Nanya, UMC, Chartered, IBM and in the process clocked in a lot of air miles. For 5 years he lived in Singapore - in an attempt to reduce the miles flown. He looks back on the people be met in Inmos with great affection. updated May 07.

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