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Name Website
Hall, Peter 
Hall, Richard 
Hamilton, Andyhttp://www.division.com/
Hamilton, Andy 
Hansen, Don 
Hardee, Kimhttp://www.surprisesoundlab.com
Harding, Nathanhttp://www.discoverwest.com.au
Harper, Kim 
Harris, Sean 
Harris, Steve 
Harrop, Chris 
Hartman, Bradhttp://www.speakoutpro.com/
Hatch, Matt 
Hatcher, Randyhttp://www.quantum.com/
Haver, Haroldhttp://www.atmel.com
Heddings, Ken 
Heddings, Jasonhttp://jason.heddings.com/
Heightley, John 
Hellings, Sanduhttp://www.riskhive.com
Henderson, Kathy 
Hendry, Ian 
Herdt, Christian 
Hermann, Eric 
Herrera, Alex 
Hewer, Don 
Hildebrand, Simon 
Hill, Glennhttp://www.jba.co.uk
Hilligas, Frank 
Hilton, Janie 
Hinneh, Samuel 
Hladek, Anthony (Tony) 
Hockaday, Dee 
Hoffman, Don 
Hokema, Hardy 
Holder, Nigelhttp://www.liveworks.co.uk
Homewood, Fredhttp://start.at/fred
Hooker, Richardhttp://www.linkedin.com/pub/richard-hooker/8/979/942
Hopkins, Kim 
Hopkins, Stephen 
Hopper, Peterhttp://www.national.com
Hoskinson, Sharon 
Howard, Tony 
Hoynak, Markhttp://www.atmel.com
Hurt, Gary 
Husbands, Gareth 
Husbands, Jeffrey