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Name Website
Wakefield, Elwyn 
Walker, Paulhttp://www.4Links.co.uk
Waller, Davehttp://www.SolutionInSilicon.com
Walsh, Eamonhttp://eamonwalsh.it/
Watts, Richard (Chez) 
Weatherly, Jim 
Webster, Tonyhttp://www.infineon.com
Webster, Keith 
Welch, Bob 
Wertsbaugh, Kenny 
Wertsbaugh, Kevin 
Whitby-Strevens, Colin 
White, Dave 
White, Lee 
Whitton, Rob 
Whitton, Rob 
Wienecke, Joe 
Wiese, Jeff 
Wiggans, Terriehttp://www.techmachineinc.com
Wilkerson, Carl 
Wilkins, Lee 
Wilson, Dave (davol) 
Wilson, Dave 
Wilson, Bill http://cnt.canon.com
Wilson, Pete 
Wingar, Simonhttp://cpfc-ccfdp.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Wipfel, Roberthttp://www.novell.com
Wise, Adrianhttp://www.adrianwise.co.uk
Wodek, Gary 
Woodacre, Mike 
Woodley, Zena 
Woodside, Betty 
woodside, betty 
Wooten, David 
Wright, Richardrwright01@centurytel.com